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SFWA Goals:

SFWA - Crandon Beach

The SFWA has the following primary goals:

Protection of public access to beaches:

As the population in South Florida continues to grow and local governments search for new sources of revenue, the protection of public lands from misuse becomes a more difficult but more important task. SFWA provides leadership by working directly with local governments to find environmentally friendly ways to meet fiscal requirements.

Promotion of windsurfing to the public:

The SFWA is the voice of windsurfing in South Florida and actively looks for opportunities to promote a positive image of windsurfing to those both familiar and unfamiliar with the sport.

Promotion of participation in the sport:

The SFWA promotes participation in windsurfing by helping newcomers get into the sport, hosting regattas, sponsoring clinics, and managing sailing sites.

Provide a focal point for the windsurfing community:

The SFWA provides a network for the windsurfing community through its newsletter, website, and social events.

SFWA Activites:

SFWA - Spring BBQ

The SFWA conducts the following primary activities:

Community and political:

The SFWA plays an active role in local planning of recreational land use and as a spokesman for waterside environmental issues. In June 1999, the SFWA , working together with other special interest groups, successfully restored Virginia Key to its former status as a public park. The SFWA participates in local government planning efforts and provides advisory services to local government officials.

Monitoring and site maintenance:

The SFWA oversees windsurfing activities at Virginia Key and at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne. The SFWA provides insurance for its members, maintains the sites and works with park officials to ensure a safe environment for windsurfers as well as other groups using the sites.


The SFWA sponsors a large number of social events for both members and nonmembers including large beach parties, membership meetings, barbecues, races, swap meets (flea markets), clinics, sponsored vacations and other activities.


The SFWA produces a monthly newsletter and maintains SFWA .com to keep windsurfers informed on issues pertaining to them, to provide updates on SFWA activities, and to feature other articles of interest to windsurfers.

Exposure & Press:

The SFWA writes articles on windsurfing that are featured in windsurfing publications and local newspapers and journals.