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History of the SFWA :

Early Beginnings:

Since its founding in 1982, the SFBSA (since renamed the SFWA) has played an active role in Florida's windsurfing history. In January 1997, following the closing of a favored South FL sailing site - Virginia Key - to the public, the SFBSA found renewed purpose in defending access issues. This triggered tremendous membership growth, and the SFBSA has matured into one of the largest windsurfing organizations in the country with membership nearing 200 sailors.

New focus and energy:

Over recent years, membership had dwindled. Participation in SFWA sponsored activities was sparse as best. After several years of effort, the then current board decided to lay the association dormant until community involvement and/or the political environment warranted its resurrection.

In response to the association's dormancy - a new group of south florida windsurfers took it upon themselves to join the board of directors and hopefully steer the association towards more auspicious times.

This website and the many events and activities we have planned over the next months demonstrate our commitment to serving our members and realizing our goals and objectives.

New name -- same goals and focus:

In the fall of 2003, the newly re-engergized SFBSA decided to rebrand the association into the SFWA, or South Florida Windsurfing Association. The old name, SFBSA (South Florida Board Sailing Association) was coined during a time in which our sport had distinct "Longboard" and "Shortboard" contingents. Consequently 'Board Sailing Association" was created to encompass these sometimes disparate groups.

South Florida Windsurfing Association we feel is a better name for our organization because:

SFWA Membership:

Diverse origins, common passion :

Most SFWA members live in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. However, many members have primary residence in other parts of the State, other States, Canada, the U.K. or Europe. Additionally, many SFWA members who now live in Florida have relocated from Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean - all united through our passion for windsurfing.

As the face of South Florida continues to take on a more and more latin flavor, the SFWA actively seeks to reflect these demographic changes within our member base.