[b]Wow you people know how to party!!![/b]

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[b]Wow you people know how to party!!![/b]

Post by Adam » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:49 pm

Julie and I wanted to thank all you party people who braved the elements to make it to our annual party. This was without a doubt the wildest event we have ever had (and we have had a few) and you people really made it happen.

If you made it to the party early enough, my neighbor Dan Carlin gave us a treat that will be hard to duplicate. Dan is an extremely talented lead guitarist who is a jazz fusionist, his friends are also quite talented, Cindy (on the Key Board and vocals) and her husband Dave also a lead guitarist have a local band called Rapture and they play Jazz, blues, country and their share of Rock. Cecil the Base guitarist is one hell of a reggae dude who rips it up, he came up from Palm Beach. Dean the Drummer is from L.A. and is a Jazz fusionist drummer who is as good as they get. Our lead singer is a guy they call Spaz, who literally rocked the house down, a few weeks ago Spaz who’s band is SPS opened for Eddie Money and I was told gave Eddie some schooling on how it is really done. This band has never played a gig together and they all wanted to give me something I would never forget. Wholly **** did they ever, you guys were the ones who choose the music by just getting down right crazy and we were given the rock concert of rock concerts. Led Zeppelin to the Eagles and they played their asses off. I am proud to say a new band has now been formed thanks to you guy’s. They were so into the crowd that each one remarked to me how wonderful it was to play to such a wild friendly crowd and I think the amazed themselves.

Lots of old friends and a bunch of new ones graced our home and we loved having you. The party started about 1pm Saturday in the cold rain, and by late afternoon we were graced with high pressure that stunned us with the most beautiful sunset. The party finished up Sunday around 4pm with a light breeze from the NW that made for some fun Prindal sailing and kayaking. The backyard was a small tent city where many of you crashed. I don’t know who actually had the most fun; the kids, the dogs or the adults. From my vantage point it was a total success! Over all body count was somewhere around 100 and you ate enough food to feed 400! The amount of booze consumed is another record and we still have plenty left over.

Julie and I and Kimberly and Caroline would like to thank you for the wonderful time and I would say the Aloha was as beautiful as it gets. My girls have not stopped talking about the party and their only two and a half. They loved playing with your children and sharing their toys, rocking with the band, playing on the beach….. I asked them what they liked best and the list was amazing.

So again I say Mahalo for sharing yourselves with my family and we are looking forward to the next big event as soon as we can to see you again.

Be safe and sail often, Adam, Julie Caroline and Kimberly Locke

PS Please send us your best pictures, we were having so much fun we never broke out the camera. send pics to adam@uspropertytax.com or drop me an e-mail so I can give you our mailing address.

PSS. We missed the folks who didn’t make it, and we hope to see you soon too.

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