How about a house share for ocean windsurfing?

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How about a house share for ocean windsurfing?

Post by Tigertail » Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:43 pm

The best ocean windsurfing outside of Oregon can be had at the Villano Beach inlet to St. Augustine Harbor.

The jetty is over a mile long and provides protection from the Atlantic rollers coming in with the prevailing Southwesterly wind.

An offshore sandbar provides additional calm water area close to the beach where one can get under way before hitting the high seas.

It is a hugely fun spot, and I dream of getting a group of windsurfers together to float the rent on an inlet-side house. There are probably a hundred or more reasonably priced houses crowding the inlet side of the neighborhood.

I'm sure we could find one that would rent to a group.

I was a professional property manager for thirty or more years, and can do all repairs and maintenance, cook, clean and do whatever else it takes to keep the place together.

We could get people from Florida or the Northeast, or if it is properly publicized, from anywhere in the country.

It is nearby to the St. John's Waterway, also a tremendous windsurfing opportunity.

If you known anyone, or you yourself are interested, email me at

I have a vehicle and a small but steady income, plus a lot of stuff we could use in storage within driving distance of Augustine.

Great Windsurfing,

John DeGrazia, Tigertail

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