Eleuthera!!! Waterman's Disney Land so close to home...

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Eleuthera!!! Waterman's Disney Land so close to home...

Post by ASI Media » Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:50 pm

Eleuthera… A Piece of Freedom

“Hi Kent, this is Nick Polakow”, came an authentic Ausy voice from the other end of a raspy long distance line. “Looks like Jason can make it just after Capo Verde if that’s good for you” he said. The final piece of the puzzle finally came together after months of planning for a photo and video documentary that I have been working on.

We were to paint an image of wind and wave sports that would inspire casual observers to give them a try. We needed to set the “hook” with some high energy, but the lifestyle would tighten the drag. To me there’s not better location than the Bahamian Out Islands to bring a group together and to portray the lifestyle and image of these peaceful sports. While the potential for epic riding is always available, it’s really the feel of the Out Islands and the variety that made this an ideal location for the shoot.

Jason would arrive 1 day after the rest of the group and he would be joining top freestylers Tyson Poor and Antxon Otaegui in their first trip to the Out Islands of the Bahamas. As it turned out, Micah Buzianis happened to be traveling through Florida just prior to our trip and was enticed to try a new brand of island.

The windsurfing group would be joined by top riders and personalities from several other sports including past world wave sailing champion, kite surfer, and big wave rider Pete Cabrinha, Andre Phillip, Damien Leroy, Clarissa Hempel, and film maker / producer Elliot Leboe...

Great photos and moreore on this story appears at: http://www.adventuresportsmiami.com/ind ... &Itemid=30

This was already printed in Windsport, but they missed some great images. Enjoy!


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