Once again Team Pryde shows that a prime combination of sail

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Once again Team Pryde shows that a prime combination of sail

Postby Full Spectrum Formula » Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:28 am

Full Spectrum Formula

Once again Team Pryde shows that a prime combination of sailor and sail will triumph in the most demanding of conditions.

As the furthered veterans of Formula arrive in Merritt Island, Florida for the annual Midwinter’s Regatta, they’re greeted by sunny skies, a very light breeze, and an anxious crew of competitors and spectators alike from around the world.

Although there was no real promise of wind early on, the race organizers themselves seemed most at odds with the marginal conditions at hand. With little to no hope of improvement in sight, they rally the fleet to the line… And they’re off…

Half of the fleet was off and running. The other half struggled for clear air but ultimately manage to break the start line with the rest of the fleet in sight. As the leaders hold strong, many labor to stay in clean air and eventually fall back.

The results after the first race are as follows (1st through 10th position):

1. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
 ARG3 - NeilPryde / F2
2. Jesper Vesterstrom DEN111 - NeilPryde / Starboard
3. Miguel Martinho POR5 - NeilPryde / Starboard
4. Jean Paul Liechti COL1 -
 NeilPryde / Starboard
5. Jimmy Diaz ISV11 - North / Starboard
6. Antoine Albeau FRA192 - NeilPryde / Starboard
7. Wilhelm Schurmann BRA999 - NeilPryde / Starboard
8. Steve Bodner USA4 – North
9. Britt Viehman FLA4 - Maui Sails
10. Victor Melo BRA2497 - NeilPryde

This one race alone would mark the conclusion to the inaugural day of Formula at the 2008 Midwinter’s Regatta.

From bad to worse…
The conditions on day two managed to shut down entirely. At one point in the early afternoon, the mere hint of a gust would ripple across the course and again rallied the usual suspects to the line. After a 40-minute wait in preparation for this improbable start, the contest was called, much to the delight of the fleet.

A breath of life…
A prayer must have been set forth to the wind gods that night, to carry on their shoulders, a breath of life to the failing hope of the fleet. The racers arrived on Sunday with renewed vigor and it was apparent early on in the day that that race was on!

Most rigged 2 sails in the event there was a spike in the wind. After the first race of the day, this proved to be the call. Although the organizers intended 3 back-to-back races, 80% of the fleet returned to the beach after the first race. Newly equipped with a smaller rig (most racers moving down from a 12.5 or 11.8 meter to a 10.7 meter sail) they sprint back out to the start line.

Inconsistent early on, the wind managed to hold for a time and was averaging 8-10 mph by late in the am. By mid-day, a confused 8-12 mph gusting to a max of 15mph carried on. Two more back-to-back races were scored and concluded the action for the day and for the regatta. A fitting time for the wind to cease, it did just that.

From day one, with varying conditions throughout the event, and a compelling battle for second and third position in his wake, Gonzalo’s exploitation of will and enduring determination draw a string of bullets and this contest to a close.

As defiant the conditions proved to be, a brief surmise of the facts ring true in a more than telling list of 1st through 3rd position. In a fleet of 52 and more directly a cast of 17 pro competitors, these Full Spectrum Formula Racers resolve ‘NeilPryde’ as their steadfast companion in victory.

Gonzalo had this to say… “My advantage at the race was probably the ability of early planing that I had with this new board and my powerful 11.8. As well I felt that I was getting quicker to top speed compared to the other guys. How the course was set and with those conditions the starts and first upwind legs were supper important. Places didn't change much after that first rounding”

2008 Midwinter’s / Formula Race Results / Pro Men (1st through 3rd position):

1. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel
 ARG3 - NeilPryde / F2
2. Jesper Vesterstrom DEN111 - NeilPryde / Starboard
3. Antoine Albeau FRA192 - NeilPryde / Starboard

For a detailed account of each race from Gonzalo himself visit http://www.neilpryde.com

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