World Class wavesailing tues, wed, thurs?

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World Class wavesailing tues, wed, thurs?

Postby floridawavesailor » Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:57 am

Hello everyone, long period north swell and south winds look to oppose each other, possibly tuesday later afternoon and more likely wednesday. Thursday might have that swell with a north wind. Jupiter will hopefully be getting the best of it, and for anyone who might like such conditions(wednesday might look like maui) just wanted to let them know. When i was a coral gables local, i used to make the drive north regularly enough that i finally had to move up here.

When north swell and south winds occur simultaniously, down the line waveriding is at its best, and if you fall the current will carry you UPWIND and also makes it windier in the break area. We are still a few days away so we will wait and see, hope to see as many as possible enjoying this somewhat rare florida event if it happens. I will check back to see if there is any interest and if so, to provide some local jupiter info if needed. I'm sure there are some miami sailors already aware and will be heading up. Best wishes, john in jupiter

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