lost URL/resp. to Adam/current status

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sergio k

lost URL/resp. to Adam/current status

Post by sergio k » Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:49 am

Adam Locke wrote:Well that is great news!

11 years ago I grabbed the URL which has been the key link between our
organization and our community. I am disappointed that the URL is now gone!

What's next? Blow all the money that was collected over the years to help
protect access to our beaches?

Sooner or later the club will be needed to once again save the day! Will
there be any club left? Seems like there is a real disconnect between those
who think they are running the club and those who built this club.

Remember the past it is the only way to save the future.

Adam Locke
Adam, some of your comments show real disconnect with what going on with the
first, more or less club has being dormant for the last 2 years,
no meetings/ web was not kept up to date, we almost lost website and now lost
old URL, etc...
in the last 1/2 year few people, including myself and Ovidio,
tried to revive the club, we had 2 meetings, both publicized on this site
well in advance, turn out was barely minimal, some plans being made
but very little has being done, one of the main problems
is that our treasurer Bob Weinreb, from what I understand, legally
controls and the ONLY PERSON that has access to
all accounts/ lost web site/ and even the name to the club,
but he doesn't show up for the meetings and doesn't respond
to emails/ phones in any timely fashion. So, the only board member that can
'blow all the money that was collected over the years',
(and I'm not saying by any stretch that he did anything! )
would be him,
rest of us don't know where the account is or what's in there,
no do we want to use it! We ALL understand that protecting water
access has the highest priority and old fund is untouchable.
But without having access to name/ and accounts for ongoing
business (events/ meeting/ fundraisers / website) this
organization cannot function.

In few days, Ovidio should have the dates for 'swap met',
and we're going to have another, possibly last club meeting there,
so, if Bob don't show up and help us with logistics,
I feel this club is no more.


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