one more time... trade in your trash extended!!!

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one more time... trade in your trash extended!!!

Post by asimedia » Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:41 pm

Given the serious amount of hate mail and phone calls about the late notification that many of you receive about our sale, we have decided to briefly extend the "Trade In Your Trash" sale this week through Saturday only.

We had an unfortunate issue with our e-mail announcement that lead to a very late notification and some are upset about missing the event. We took quite a large amount of equipment in on trade and tons of kiters and windsurfers went home with killer new gear and huge smiles on their faces.

People came in from Jacksonville and beyond to take advantage of this twice a year event. We did receive some very strange looking kite equipment that barely qualified as "complete" but we were glad that this stuff will never end up on a beach near you!

So in case you forgot...

Bring in your old wetsuits, harnesses, boards, sails, and kites for trade in dollars on our already marked down new items.

We'll give you $35 bucks for your pee’d in wetsuit against a sale price new wetsuit from Neilpryde or NPX. We have killer NPX Cult Shorties for only $69 on sale. Deduct $35 from your trash trade in and you get a killer new suit for $35 bucks.

Grab your old harness that's wearing holes in your hips and we'll give you $20 against a new Dakine, Pryde, or Cabrinha harness.

Got an old Stonker, Bic Airflow, or Jimmy Lewis Pickle Fork hanging in the garage? Bring that junker in and we will give you $85 for it against a new Cabrinha Custom, Imperial, Prodigy, or S-Quad board.

All 08 Cab boards are $100 off through Saturday only and the 07's are at $300 off. Give us your junker and take another $85 off the sale price. It's the last week to get this deal.

Looking for a new kite? You can't beat the deal on the new Contra or Revolver no matter what. They are $1009 each for any size. Buy 2 and get them at $999 ea.!!! Got an old C-kite or foil to trade in? We will give you an additional $250 off for complete kites and $200 for kite only!!! Yep, that's you buying the best light wind kite on the market for only $749!!!

Call us for other specials on CB2's other hot kites like the awesome and fast turning Slingshot REV. We'll take your trades on these killer kites and even the number one selling SWITCHBLADE 3!!!!


Got a windsurfer in the family looking to upgrade that old Bic Melody? We have excellent new boards from Starboard, JP, and Fanatic in stock now.

New and used sails from NEILPRYDE, and the best masts available on sale now. Grab a 30% carbon mast for $219. Bring us your old mast and deduct another $50 for the trade in. Look at our Power Ex, Pro Stocks, and Neilpryde masts. Get your old aluminum spars in here now for trade.

Great used booms from $99 ea. We have larger sizes left in HI HO booms at huge discounts.

FYI mast prices in the coming season are increasing substantially so you can actually make the case to your wife (or husband) that this is actually an “investment”!

Any old sail is worth $125 off a trade in on a new discounted NP sail.

All trade in boards are treated equally!!! They’re worth $250 off a new JP, Fantatic, or Starboard. We’ll even give you the trade in dollars on 07 boards that are discounted by 30% already!!! Booms, yep $50 bucks.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or go to for directions.

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