Wave sailing & Sail trim

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Wave sailing & Sail trim

Postby Guest » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:00 pm

Wannabe a Wave Sailor by Jem Hall Maybe the most comprehensive series on wave sailing technique ever, including looping: 8 articles in all. Definitely a must read for anyone who wants to explore wave sailing or anyone who wants to improve their wave sailing. Can be found at http://www.ezzyblog.com/jem/?page_id=10

The ten golden slalom trim rules by Andrea Cucchi Discover the hidden potential of your slalom equipment with 10 easy and practical golden rules! Below are listed some of the most classical issues when sailing with slalom gear. Often this more technical gear does not allow us to feel comfortable and relaxed when surfing. Therefore we are now going to give you the answers to the most common problems. Give priority to modify the trim of the gear, starting with the first solution given. If this does not work, continue to the second listed advice and so on... http://www.p7squad.com/site/index.php/t ... rim-rules- I think these sail trim ideas will work on any sail...thanks to Windsurfing Miami for the link.

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