Virgina Key Action Sailing Photos

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Virgina Key Action Sailing Photos

Post by tom385 » Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:32 am

The sailing action at VK on 4-14 was great. The action was close to the beach and enabled me to take some really good shots of all of the sailors that were there. (or most sailors anyway) If you'd like to take a look at the 600+ images, go to: and open the windsurfing folders for the 4-14 images.

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Re: Virgina Key Action Sailing Photos

Post by mprieto » Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:15 am

Thanks Tom,
I had a blast last week! It was what I needed to turn my dismal-season-frown right-side-up for a major grin. And it was really good to see so many friendly faces in the water despite the mid-week timing.

In my world there are few things most windsurfers never have enough of: wind, gear, and great action photos of ourselves in our favorite spots. Sure we try: girlfriends, wives, windsurfing buddies, etc. For most of us the results are rarely framing material... And we need these photos to get us through the long windless days, to remind ourselves why we carry all this inventory of rapidly depreciating gear through the months of light breezes, to show off to admiring loved ones and friends...:shock:

Alas! I was excited when I saw a true photographer shooting sailors this past January. I asked him for a card, looked up his photo-site, and was pumped to see the quality and quantity of shots. Then I saw some of the photos he had taken of me and I was ecstatic. I ordered some prints and digital originals (great quality at very reasonable prices).
- Here are the 400+ pics he took this Wed: ... age15.html
- Here are the 140+ from January: ... ey-wind-s/
- Here are the January pics I ordered, including an 8x10 which looks awesome framed: ... 3286957346

If you enjoy seeing yourselves and your wind buddies in the pics, consider dropping Tom a line of appreciation.

Imagine if he could be on a boat by the swells one of these days... spread the word!

- Manu
(manuelsanchezprieto at gmail dot com)

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