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Virginia Key

Ocean side launch with minimal shore break. Best on NE, N/NE and SE, S/SE winds. Flat to choppy for 200 yards to sand reef with breakers to the north and to the south. Intermediate to Advanced skills are necessary due to strong current.


Main launch is adjacent to parking-lot. Often you can rig in the parking-lot and carry your gear down to the water, although launch can be crowded with beach-goers on weekends and holidays.

Recommended Ability Level:

Virginia Key, although sailable by novices on a calm day, requires at least the ability to water-start. The water is shalow inside the reef, but should you venture out, uphauling really isn't an option -- especially during NE cold front days. VA.Key is especially good for first time ventures into the surf / waves for those looking for more aggresive conditions.


From I-95 South of Downtown Miami (or US 1), take Rickenbacher Cswy. Over the large, elevated bridge. Turn left just before the Miami Sea Aquarium (on the right) at VA Key sign. Follow road as it twists and turns. Keep to the right. Enter parking area where the road splits for the second time (about 1.5 miles from the Cswy.).

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