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Why no AOL?

Unfortunately, we can not accept newsletter subscribers with an AOL (America Online) email address. We're sorry about this...

The Situation:

In June of 2004, the SFWA sent out a mass email mailing to all previous and current members for which we had an email address. Witihin hours of our sending this message to one-time and/or current SFWA members (all of whom had opted in to receive official association correspondence), our server was repeatedly reported as sending out SPAM (Bulk commercial email).

In investigating the issue further with our webhost, we learned that all of the SPAM reports came from AOL users. Apparently, AOL has instituted new features to their email processing servers that wrongly bulked our newsletter in with the mass of porn, weightloss and get-rich-quick spam out there.

Being reported as a SPAMMER can do great harm to the organization. Once someone reports us as SPAMMERS, we then can become 'blacklisted.' ISP (Internet Service Providers) use these blacklists to automatically weed out potential spam. Consequently, our being placed on a blacklist would prevent us from conducting legitimate and sanctioned email communication and marketing.

In an effort to ensure that we never loose our ability to effectively communicate with our Members and those people who opt-in to receive communications via email, we have made the tough decision to no longer accept AOL email addresses in our newsletter or member database.


I have AOL - can I still sign up?

You can still signup for our newsletter or become a member - just use another email account. Below, find a list of several top free email account providers...


Alternatively, you can search for free email providers via google:

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