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Upgrades to Virginia Key

Blog post by: admin    Posted on: 3:16 PM    Feedback: Comments (2)

Ovidio of Sailboards Miami reports that there have been some considerable improvements to the Virginia Key park area:

I had a meeting at Virginia Key today and was greatly surprise by what I saw. The city and the new park politicos are putting some money into the park. There is a new lifeguard stand which should be in place in a few weeks, a jungle gym of some kind will be in place shortly for kids and a Volleyball court is already there. The park is expanding its hours to allow people in the park earlier and stay later( windsurfers?). They are aware that windsurfers don’t like to leave specially when is windy. I attached a photo for anyone who have n ot been at VK in the last few weeks so they could see some of the positive changes taking place.
Vandalism is still a problem.

Thanks Ovid for the news….