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The South Florida Windsurfing Association is pleased to provide the following potentially lucrative sponsorship opportunities to windsurfing industry membes as well as the business community at large...

About SFWA.INFO as an online property :

SFWA.INFO is South Florida's premier source for windsurfing news and information and is the online home of the South Florida Windsurfing Association, formerly and legally known as the South Florida Board Sailing Association, Inc.

SFWA.INFO is a content-centric site. We want our visitors to be reading our unique, professionally written articles, commenting on our posts and in our forums, and generally feeding their passion for the sport. We do, however, strive for our online marketing efforts to become financially self-sufficient so we've given up some of our highly valuable screen real estate to advertising space.

If you're looking for a highly enthusiastic and affluent online market full of people always looking for the greatest windsurfing gear, travel opportunities or related services, then offers tremendous value for your marketing dollar.

Advertising Opportunities :

The SFWA currently offers two banner advertising options. Each of our banner advertising options place your banner ad within a pool of others which are randomly displayed each time a visitor views one of our webpages.

Option 1 -- News Section

Our news section consists of our homepage and blog article detail pages. These are our most popular pages and receive the most outside referral traffic (i.e., traffic from google, etc). Your ad will be place 'above the fold' on the homepage (viewed at 1024x786 screen resolution) and at the top of each article on all article detail pages.

Price: Call

Duration: 90 Days


Option 2 -- Rest of Website

Option 2 consists of your ad being rotated throughout the rest of our website with the exception of our forums (bulletin boards) including: About the SFWA, Locations, Links, Membership, eNewsletter. Your ad will be placed often 'below the fold' at the bottom of that page's content, still above our footer however.

Price: Call

Duration: 90 Days



How do begin advertising with SFWA.INFO?

To begin advertising on, please contact our webmaster, Barry Bourland.