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Ben Barger in China

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Nancy Rios in China

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Nancy Rios, Olympic Windsurfer

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Olympic windsurfing begins Aug. 11 (Qingdao time) with two races in the afternoon. There are five days of racing before the medal race on Aug. 20. Off days are reserved for use in case of bad conditions. It will be held on the biggest stage on which Rios has been involved and represents the final stop on what has been quite a trip for the Cocoa Beach athlete.

Rios spent the past few months training in France, Qingdao and Miami. She survived a challenge to her spot on the Olympic team, and the competition site was hit with an overabundance of seaweed. Rios arrived in China on what was Monday, July 28 there, but Sunday in the United States. Fishing boats had been brought in to manually remove the clumps of seaweed at the Qingdao harbor. Rios had trained in Qingdao in June before returning to Florida for training at the Olympic Training Center in Miami.

To see the Olympic Sailing schedule on NBC, click here.


USA qualifies for Olympic Womens RS:X in Qingdao, China

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“Nancy Rios, my rival and team mate on the US Sailing Team, rescued American pride today in Auckland, New Zealand when she qualified the US for the RS:X windsurfing competition at the Olympic Games in China this summer.

Nancy’s strong performance guarantees that one of us will go to China this summer.”

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