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Urban Environment League presents Virginia Key Redesign Workshop

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The Urban Environment League presents the Virginia Key public design workshop on Sat., Sept 26, 2009, from 9AM to 1PM at the Rusty Pelican, 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway.  Be part of the solution in forging a Master Plan for Virginia Key. Come help the city create a community-focused, eco-friendly, responsible plan and show how citizen’s input can make a difference in South Florida.

Please let your friends know about this event to ensure a large turnout. Bring a brown paper bag lunch.

For more info, contact UEL at uelinfo at bellsouth.net. RSVP please. Volunteers needed to help. To volunteer, please contact Jennifer at j-garcia18 at hotmail.com.



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VIRGINIA KEY, MIAMI master plan to develop waterfront areas to the public

City of Miami held the last of the public meetings regarding VK on Tuesday. EDSA, the consultant company, presented a huge amount of information including their vision of what they believe is the best use for the island.
Their findings and proposals where based upon the feedback received from users groups and stakeholders generated during the 2 prior public meetings.Our main concern as windsurfers is to retain water access and to improve facilities that will benefit our presence in the area (board storage).

The vision given has Virginia Key divided into 5 different sections: (1) the north side which will create mountain bike trails, canoe-kayak launching area, Eco camping and a BOAT LAUNCH RAMP; (2) The beach area(us)including the bear cut preserve which will mostly remain as is with some improvements; (3) the Bill Sadowski preserve with elevated boardwalks and others; (4) the old landfill which will host a series of soccer, baseball, softball fields plus educational centers; and (5) the area by the rickenbacker causeway.

The Rickenbacker Area has the most appeal to the City since it might serve as a large revenue source. Ideas include marinas, retail shops, aquatic centers, and 5 stories parking lots.This is just the beginning of a long process that could last for many years and will certainly see a lot of opposition from many different groups.

On a personal note, the boat ramp proposal close to the north end of the beach and adjacent to the shrimpers lagoon is a bad idea. The presence of power boats launching upwind of us and the negative repercussions that might result from it are many. Traffic, gas in the water, lights close to turtle nesting areas, boats close to manatee zones, and speeding jet skis by the reef break are possible nightmares. The north side should stay green with active and passive recreation.

This is, of course, their vision. As one of the largest users groups in the area, we must remain vigilant and actively involved in all aspects of future developments. Your input is so important. In the next day or so, the below link will be active. Please plan to take the time to visit the following website and make intelligent remarks on our behalf

City of Miami’s site:http://www.edsaplan.com/Virginia_Key/home.html

Ovidio DeLeon
South Florida Windsurfing Association


Upgrades to Virginia Key

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Ovidio of Sailboards Miami reports that there have been some considerable improvements to the Virginia Key park area:

I had a meeting at Virginia Key today and was greatly surprise by what I saw. The city and the new park politicos are putting some money into the park. There is a new lifeguard stand which should be in place in a few weeks, a jungle gym of some kind will be in place shortly for kids and a Volleyball court is already there. The park is expanding its hours to allow people in the park earlier and stay later( windsurfers?). They are aware that windsurfers don’t like to leave specially when is windy. I attached a photo for anyone who have n ot been at VK in the last few weeks so they could see some of the positive changes taking place.
Vandalism is still a problem.

Thanks Ovid for the news….


Another Herald Article on Virginia Key

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Miami Herald publishes second article concerning Virginia Key.

Full Article


Herald Article on Virginia Key

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The Miami Herald today is running an article about Virginia Key entitiled: “Planners walking tightrope with Virginia Key changes.”

To transform long-abused Virginia Key into a ‘magnificent’ park and resort, planners chosen by the city of Miami must balance preservation of the island’s natural treasures with commercial and recreational development.

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